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Raising Australian Cattle Dogs gives us the chance to give back to the Rancher or others who love them just as much as we do!  Breeding for a purpose, to work cattle or just having one of the best darn ACDs as a companion.

Our Australian Cattle Dogs have health clearances submitted to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).

We are located in Rush Springs, Oklahoma about an hour south of Oklahoma City and about an hour north of Wichita Falls, Texas. We are about 3.5 hours Northwest of Dallas Ft. Worth, Texas.

Australian Cattle Dog Blue Puppy

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Here at Happy Trails ACDs we have the "All-Around" cattle dogs, which means they can do anything and will when asked. Puppies are like a block of clay and it is up to you to shape and mold them into becoming the best they can be!

Our goal is to uphold and enhance the breed standard. We have worked hard to be able to provide the "All-Around" ACD capable of filling the hearts of those who know the breed and realize that until you have loved an ACD, part of your sole remains un-awakened. Our dogs originate from some of the finest ACD bloodlines in the world. Litters are whelped in our home and raised in our puppy corral. All pups are socialized with other dogs, people, and exposed to outside sights and sounds. Pups are exposed to cattle, but held back to prevent injuries at such a young age. Puppies get a lot of lap time and individual attention also. We do not like having multiple litters at the same time and have found it is best to give each litter our undivided attention so each pup is properly imprinted. Early imprinting will stay with the pup for its entire lifetime.

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Australian Cattle Dog Herding Cattle

The Friendship does not end, when the Championship begins...

AKC CH Jon's J-L Little Miss Jingle N Spur CGC TDI

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Australian Cattle Dog (ACD) Puppies

Occasionally we have Australian Cattle Dog
puppies available

Please visit our "Puppy Corral" to view photos of our puppies and learn more about our availability.

Puppies are screened for the BAER hearing test at 7 weeks of age.

Australian Cattle Dog Red Puppies

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Chickasha, Oklahoma


Happy Trails Accomplished Lover

Group 2

Thank You Judge - Mrs. Carolyn A Herbel

Happy Trails Accomplished Lover

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