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Happy Trails Kennel K-9 Health Plan

Our pups are dewormed at 2 and 4 weeks of age with Pyrantal Pomate and given Fenbendazole at 6 weeks of age for prevention of Roundworms and Hookworms (purge the system).  At 6 weeks our pups are given their first vaccination.

For endoparasite control we deworm our adults with a preventative prescription medication called Sentential, a once a month beef flavored treat marketed by Novartis Animal Health. Sentential prevents Heartworms, Hookworms, Roundworms, and Whipworms. Sentential also has an ectoparasites label for fleas.

We use Ft Dodge Vaccine which is the DHA2PCPV+L. This includes Distemper, Hepatitis, Adenovirus 2, Parainfluenza, Corona Virus, Parvo Virus, and Lepto.  Different parts of the country require different vaccination protection.  This is the vaccine recommended for our area.  If pups are still here at 9 weeks of age, they get a booster of the same vaccine plus kept current on Heartworm Prevention.
At 7 weeks all pups are BAER (Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response) tested for their hearing.  All pups will have a signed BAER certificate by an accreted veterinarian.  Certificate will be sent to the new owner with other health history records. 
All pups sold are given a health booklet and puppy pack to make sure your new puppy is well on its way to a long happy and healthy life.  Setting up a new puppy exam is ALWAYS a must, regardless of where you purchase your puppy, with your Veterinary Health Care Professionals.  Remember to take all health information with you and your new puppy so that proper health care records can be kept at your Veterinarian's office.
Happy Trails Kennel wants to assure your puppy continues to have a Happy Tail for the rest of its life and to keep it wagging with pride, please talk to your Veterinary Health Care Professionals about Spaying and Neutering your pets. It is very important and we highly recommend that you carry out this procedure for a longer healthier life with your
Australian Cattle Dog.
If you have any questions and need more information about this breed you can go to www.akc.org and look up the breed,
along with www.acdca.org which is the Breed Club here in the USA.
A normal practice of feeding starts from the inside out. There are so many different brands of dog food available to us that it reminds me of the movie Moscow On The Hudson where Robin Williams is walking down the coffee aisle in the supermarket and trying to just find coffee. There were so many different ones to choose from he just walked down the aisle and said the word coffee repeatedly.
The main thing is that you stay with name brands. Here we feed Purina Pro Plan Shredded Blend to all of our adults and use Purina Puppy Chow for our pups. Starting a pup on a good nutrition and allowing him to continue to do so can aid in less problems later on in life. It is not a good idea to switch brands of dog foods often. Dogs are not like humans and their body cannot adjust to sudden diet changes like us.   Constant changes in a dogs diet can cause a dog to go a couple of
days without eating.
When our pups are shipped via air to their new home, there may be a slight change in bowel movements. Sometimes this can be normal and will usually go away within a day. Pups get nervous just like we do, and they can get an upset stomach. Yogurt can play a favorable role in getting your puppy’s tummy to settle back down. Yogurt has a high level of (good bacteria) like what is found in the lining of our stomach and intestines naturally. A small amount can do wonders!

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New strain of Canine Flu, N3H8. 
Finally we have a vaccine to help prevent this terriable virus that is catching up with our canines. 
If you and your canine pal go/participate in any of the following events/places,
this may be something you need to read. 
Veterinary Clinics, Shelters, Kennels, Boarding facilities, Pet Stores, Adoption groups, Doggie daycares, Breeding facilities, and Public Exhibiting.
Click here to read the full story by vaccine manufacturer Intervet/Shering Plough.
DON'T wait...... VACCINATE. 
Talk to your Veterinary Health Care Team about vaccinating your canine today. 
Cost is appx. $20.00, must have two initinal vaccinations 2 to 4 weeks apart.  Then once a year there after.


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To tail, or not to tail?

"To tail, or not to tail" this is a big question!

The Astralian Cattle Dog is born with full tails.


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Looking for a practice that can do professional BAER testing
for your animals and do not know where to go? 

Southwest Veterinary Clinic
12114 US HWY 62
Elgin, OK 73538

Dr's. Doug, Trace, Sarah Kirkpatrick,
and Lori Quickle. 
Can also contact La Vonda B Lewis, RVT by
clicking here.

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